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Meukow Cognac XO 70cl giftbox

Meukow Cognac XO 70cl giftbox

Meukow Cognac XO 70cl giftbox

Price per liter: 169,98€
Country: France
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119 €
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Meukow Cognac XO 70cl is a luxury distillate from the Cognac region of France that represents the highest quality and exceptional complexity. It is a cognac that is made with passion and care, respecting the distillation traditions characteristic of this region.

In the aroma of Meukow Cognac XO you can find rich and intense fruit notes, such as dried figs, apricots and plums, which are intertwined with delicate citrus accents. In taste, this cognac offers harmony between the sweetness of fruit and the subtlety of oak accents, vanilla, honey and spices.

Meukow Cognac XO is characterized by a smooth and full body, and its long and complex finish leaves a pleasant impression on the palate. It is an ideal distillate for self-tasting to fully appreciate its complexity. The 70cl bottle is also a great gift idea for cognac lovers who appreciate the luxury and elegance of this beverage.