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Laphroaig 10YO 40% 70cl

Laphroaig 10YO 40% 70cl

Laphroaig 10YO 40% 70cl

Price per liter: 20,23€
Country: Scotland
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Laphroaig 10YO is a single malt whiskey from the Islay region of Scotland, known for its exceptionally intense and distinctive peat flavor. Here are the characteristics of this whiskey:

How it's made: Laphroaig 10YO is distilled from barley that's been dried over peat, giving it a unique smoky flavor. After distillation, it is aged for at least 10 years in bourbon casks, which allows it to develop its full flavor.

Aroma: The aroma of this whiskey is dominated by the intense aroma of peat smoke, which is characteristic of the Laphroaig distillery. In addition, you can feel sea notes, such as salt and iodine, and delicate notes of fruit and vanilla.

Taste: Laphroaig 10YO has an exceptionally intense and smoky peat flavor which is the main characteristic of the distillery. It is accompanied by notes of salt, sea and medicine, which makes this whiskey one of the most distinctive and recognizable single malts in the world. There are also subtle fruity and vanilla notes in the background.

Finish: The finish of this whiskey is long and intense, with a lingering taste of peat smoke and delicate hints of sea air.

Summary: Laphroaig 10YO is a whiskey for lovers of intense, peaty flavors. Its unique character can be difficult for people who are just starting to explore single malts, but for many it is a real treat. It's a distillate with a strong personality that often evokes mixed feelings - you either love it or you don't.

Usage: This whiskey is usually drunk straight, with no additives. It can be tasted in the "sipping whiskey" way, savoring its unique taste, or used to prepare cocktails, especially those that require intense and smoky notes.

To sum up, Laphroaig 10YO is a single malt whiskey with a unique peat flavor and a strong personality that is appreciated by lovers of smoky and marine flavor profiles.