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Koch Orginal 1872 Gin 37,5% 50cl

Koch Orginal 1872 Gin 37,5% 50cl

Koch Orginal 1872 Gin 37,5% 50cl

Price per liter: 20,49€
Country: Estonia
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10,25 €
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"Koch Original 1872 Gin 37.5% - Tradition in Every Glass"

Are you ready to travel back in time to discover a gin that is a mark of authenticity and unique heritage? Get to know Koch Original 1872 Gin - a gin that combines tradition with modernity, offering a unique taste experience.

History and Heritage:

Koch Original 1872 Gin is a tribute to ancient tradition and the 1872 vintage, which is a symbol of our heritage.

A history that goes deep, and the taste of gin is the fruit of many generations of enthusiasts.

High-quality juniper berries give the gin a delicate, spicy character.

Subtle citrus notes add freshness and unique complexity of taste.

Herbs and spices create a unique flavor composition.

Koch Original 1872 Gin 37.5% is a distinctive and balanced gin with a traditional taste.

Perfect to drink neat, with ice or as a base for classic cocktails.

This gin is perfect for an evening with friends.

An elegant choice for special occasions that deserve exceptional taste.

Koch Original 1872 Gin 37.5% is a gin for those who value tradition and authenticity.

Join the Journey through Time and Taste Heritage in Every Glass!