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Koch Brandy XO 38% 70cl Glass

Koch Brandy XO 38% 70cl Glass

Koch Brandy XO 38% 70cl Glass

Price per liter: 15,41€
Country: Finland
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Koch Brandy XO 38%" is a brandy of exceptional quality, offering a deep and balanced taste experience. The abbreviation "XO" stands for "Extra Old" and indicates that it is a brandy that has been aged for a long time, exceeding the minimum requirements for this brandy Here are some features you can expect from "Koch Brandy XO 38%":

Rich aromatic bouquet: Complex and intense aromas such as dried fruit, oak, vanilla, nuts and subtle spicy accents can be expected in the aroma. Prolonged aging contributes to the development of a rich spectrum of fragrances.

Balanced taste: It is characterized by a balanced taste, where intense fruity, caramel and oak notes combine in a harmonious way to create a comprehensive flavor profile.

Maturity and elegance: The term "Extra Old" suggests that the brandy has reached a certain degree of maturity. "Koch Brandy XO" can have a refined character that will be appreciated by lovers of carefully aged spirits.

Alcohol delicacy: The alcohol content of 38% is relatively moderate compared to other spirits, which contributes to a milder tasting experience.

Long Finish: Characterized by a long finish, leaving a warm trail and emphasizing the depth of flavor.

Possibility of tasting: Thanks to its balanced and complex nature, "Koch Brandy XO 38%" is ideal for tasting to discover all the nuances of taste and aroma.

Versatility: It can be consumed alone, as an aperitif or digestif, and used as an ingredient in cocktails or desserts.

To sum up, "Koch Brandy XO 38%" is a brandy offering a unique and extensive taste experience. Its rich aromatic bouquet, balanced taste and maturity make it an excellent choice for brandy lovers looking for a high-quality drink to savor and savor in special moments.