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HelsinGin 46,3% 50cl

HelsinGin 46,3% 50cl

HelsinGin 46,3% 50cl

Price per liter: 110,16€
Country: Finland
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HelsinGin is a 46.3% alcohol brand of gin that is known for its unique character and high quality. Here is some information about HelsinGin:

1. Taste and Aroma: HelsinGin is characterized by an intense and distinctive taste and aroma. Its aroma includes notes of juniper, coriander, lemon peel and other herbs. The flavor is rich, with deep spicy, fruity and herbal tones. It is a gin with a complex and distinctive flavor profile.

2. Alcohol Content: An alcohol content of 46.3% makes HelsinGin a gin with a slightly higher alcohol concentration than many other gins on the market. This gives it intensity and depth of flavor.

3. Ingredients: HelsinGin is distilled from traditional gin ingredients such as juniper, coriander, lemon and orange peel and other herbs and spices. However, a brand may also use unique ingredients that give it a unique flavor.

4. Local Character: HelsinGin often emphasizes its local origin, perhaps it is distilled in the Helsinki region or inspired by the local landscape.

5. Cocktails: This is a gin that can be used in various types of cocktails, especially those that require intense flavor and aroma. It is excellent in combination with tonic, as well as in more complex cocktail mixtures.

6. Exclusivity: HelsinGin is often appreciated by gin lovers for its quality and character. This is a gin that can be served at exclusive parties and special occasions.

HelsinGin 46.3% is a gin for those who appreciate unique taste and want to discover the richness of the gin world. Its intensity of flavor and aroma make it a popular choice among gin lovers, especially those looking for a more complex taste experience.