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Hansen Golden Rum 37,5% 70cl

Hansen Golden Rum 37,5% 70cl

Hansen Golden Rum 37,5% 70cl

Price per liter: 22,16€
Country: Germany
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Hansen Golden Rum is a type of rum with a golden color, produced by the Hansen brand. Here is a brief characterization of this product:

Alcohol Content: Hansen Golden Rum has an alcohol content of 37.5%, which is a common level in many types of rum.

Color and Character: The "Golden" in the name suggests that this rum has a golden color which is often the result of a short to moderate aging period in oak barrels. The golden color is usually associated with the light and delicate character of the rum.

Aromas and flavors: Hansen Golden Rum may have subtle caramel, vanilla and tropical fruit aromas. On the palate, you can expect sweet and fruity notes that give this rum a pleasant flavor profile.

Origin: The Hansen brand may have its origins in different regions, and thus the distinctive flavor profile of the rum may vary depending on the origin and tradition of the brand.

Label and packaging: A bottle of Hansen Golden Rum can have an attractive label that reflects the brand's heritage and aesthetics.

Usage: Golden-colored rums, such as Hansen Golden Rum, are often used in cocktails and drinks that require subtle flavor notes. They can also be enjoyed in their pure form.

In summary, Hansen Golden Rum 37.5% is a golden colored rum that can have a delicate and mellow character. Its taste, aroma and character depend on the brand and the production process, so it is worth trying to appreciate its unique flavor profile.