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Grönstedts V.S.O.P. 40% 70cl

Grönstedts V.S.O.P. 40% 70cl

Grönstedts V.S.O.P. 40% 70cl

Price per liter: 65,12€
Country: France
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Grönstedts V.S.O.P. (Very Superior Old Pale) is a brand of cognac that is valued for its quality and tradition. This is a cognac that comes from France, in the Cognac region, which is known for its excellent grapes and the production of high-quality distillates.

The name "V.S.O.P." means "Very Superior Old Pale" and is one type of cognac age classification. In the case of Grönstedts V.S.O.P. this means that the cognac is aged for at least four years. In practice, many classic V.S.O.P. cognacs such as Grönstedts are aged longer, which contributes to more complex flavors and aromas.

It is characterized by an alcohol content of 40%, which is the standard level for many cognacs of this class. This level of alcohol helps to bring out the rich aromatic bouquet and deep flavors of the cognac.

Grönstedts V.S.O.P. is known for its harmonious balance between fruity and oaky notes. In the aroma, you can feel notes of dried fruit, such as apricots or raisins, enriched with subtle notes of vanilla, caramel and spices. The taste of cognac is smooth and full, with delicate hints of wood and oak. The finish is long and warm, leaving a pleasant mouthfeel.

This brand is often chosen by cognac lovers as a great choice for tasting and celebration. Grönstedts V.S.O.P. is a cognac that perfectly reflects the art of distillation and aging that characterizes cognacs from the Cognac region of France.