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Grey Goose 40% 70cl

Grey Goose 40% 70cl

Grey Goose 40% 70cl

Price per liter: 93,48€
Country: France
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61,18 €
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Gray Goose is a branded French vodka known for its high quality and luxurious character. It is produced by the French company Bacardi Limited and enjoys global recognition for its purity and delicacy of taste. Here are some features that characterize Gray Goose 40%:

Origin: Gray Goose is a French vodka that is produced in the Cognac region of France. It is a country with a long tradition of producing high-quality alcohol.

Ingredients: Gray Goose is made from the highest quality ingredients, including French "Blé d'hiver" wheat and spring water from the Cognac region. These ingredients give vodka a delicate flavor and purity.

Production process: The vodka is distilled five times and then passed through a filtration process using natural ingredients, including charcoal. This process ensures excellent purity and clarity.

Taste: Gray Goose is characterized by an exceptionally mild taste and delicate aroma. It is a vodka that is appreciated for its subtlety and smoothness.

Iconic Bottle: The Gray Goose bottle has a distinctive design that is recognized around the world. Its label refers to French tradition and luxury.

Flavor Variants: In addition to the basic version, Gray Goose also offers various flavor variants such as Gray Goose L'Orange (orange) and Gray Goose Le Citron (lemon), which introduce subtle fruit flavors to the vodka.

Global Popularity: Gray Goose is available worldwide and is often chosen in luxury bars and restaurants as a symbol of quality and elegance.

Gray Goose 40% is a vodka that is often appreciated by lovers of high-quality alcohol and used to prepare classic cocktails. If you are looking for a vodka that combines tradition, quality and delicacy of taste, Gray Goose is one of the outstanding choices on the market.