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Georgian Legend Brandy VS 40% 50cl

Georgian Legend Brandy VS 40% 50cl

Georgian Legend Brandy VS 40% 50cl

Price per liter: 1,80€
Country: Georgia
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10,77 €
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Georgian Legend Brandy VS 40%" is a cognac from Georgia, a region known for its long tradition in brandy production. The abbreviation "VS" stands for "Very Special" and suggests that it is a cognac that has been aged for at least two years. Here is features you would expect from "Georgian Legend Brandy VS 40%":

Fruity and fresh aromas: In the aroma you can expect fruity notes, such as grapes or apricots, which characterize brandies from the Georgian region.

Light and balanced flavor: "VS" cognacs tend to have a softer and younger character compared to more aged versions. You can expect a mild taste where fruity notes are combined with subtler touches of oak and vanilla.

Versatile drink: "VS" cognacs are often chosen as an everyday drink, both as an aperitif and a digestif.

Quality of tradition: Products such as "Georgian Legend Brandy" refer to the rich history and tradition of brandy production in Georgia, which may be attractive to lovers of unique experiences.

Affordability: "VS" cognacs tend to be more affordable than their more aged counterparts, making them an ideal choice for those wanting to experience the distinctive taste of Georgian brandy.

To sum up, "Georgian Legend Brandy VS 40%" is a cognac with a fruity aroma, a light taste and an affordable price. It is a good choice for those who want to try Georgian brandy and get to know its distinctive flavor profile.