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Fjodor Vodka 37,5% 1 ltr.

Fjodor Vodka 37,5% 1 ltr.

Fjodor Vodka 37,5% 1 ltr.

Price per liter: 13,49€
Country: Deutschland
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13,47 €
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Fjodor Vodka 37.5% - Taste of History and Tradition

Discover Purity and Gentleness

Fjodor Vodka 37.5% is more than just alcohol - it is a journey through time and taste that discovers a new dimension of uniqueness. Immerse yourself in the tradition and history that creates unforgettable moments.

Purity of Nature's Source

Highest Quality: Fjodor Vodka is the essence of nature in its pure form. We select only the highest quality raw materials to provide you with a unique taste.

Classic Elegance: This vodka has a delicate and balanced flavor that highlights classic elegance and simplicity.

Fjodor Vodka 37.5% - Bring Magic to Your Life

Aromatic Charm: Fjodor is a subtle, aromatic charm that will delight your senses. It's a taste that stays with you forever.

Special Moments: Fjodor Vodka is a vodka that accompanies you in special moments. He shares joy and magic with you every day.

Feel the Power of Tradition

Fjodor Vodka 37.5% - History in Every Glass.