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Finlandia Blackcurrant 37,5% 100cl

Finlandia Blackcurrant 37,5% 100cl

Finlandia Blackcurrant 37,5% 100cl

Price per liter: 19,67€
Country: Finland
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19,67 €
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Finlandia Blackcurrant 37.5% is a flavored vodka variety produced by the Finnish brand Finlandia, known for its commitment to quality and purity. This vodka is flavored with natural blackcurrant juice, which gives it a characteristic fruity flavor. Here are some features that characterize Finlandia Blackcurrant 37.5%:

Origin: Finlandia is a brand of vodka from Finland, a country known for its clean water and nature. Finland is often associated with producing premium vodkas.

Natural Ingredients: Finlandia Blackcurrant is flavored with natural elderberry juice, which gives it a distinct fruit flavor. These ingredients are carefully selected to maintain quality and authenticity.

Production Process: Finland Blackcurrant goes through a distillation process that guarantees the purity and clarity of the product. It is then flavored with elderberry juice, which gives it a unique taste.

Taste and Aroma: Finlandia Blackcurrant is characterized by an intense aroma of black elderberry and sweet fruit notes. The taste is equally juicy and fruity, with delicate notes of berries.

Cocktails: This vodka is an excellent ingredient for making fruit cocktails. It can be used to create a variety of cocktail drinks, especially those with berry and forest fruit flavors.

Bottle Design: The Finlandia Blackcurrant bottle retains the distinctive design of the Finlandia brand, with a simple and modern label.

Global Popularity: Finlandia is available all over the world and is appreciated by spirit lovers for its quality and authentic taste.

Finlandia Blackcurrant 37.5% is a vodka that may be of interest to lovers of fruit flavors and cocktails. It is a perfect choice for summer parties or occasions when you want to enjoy the freshness of fruit. However, remember to drink alcohol in moderation and follow legal alcohol restrictions in your region.