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Duas Uvas Tinto 13,5% 300cl BiB

Duas Uvas Tinto 13,5% 300cl BiB

Duas Uvas Tinto 13,5% 300cl BiB

Price per liter: 11,93€
Country: Portugal
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35,80 €
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Discover the harmony of two flavors in Duas Uvas Tinto 13.5%. This unique wine takes you on a journey through intense aromas and richness of taste, creating an unforgettable experience.

Immerse yourself in the aromas of ripe fruit and delicate notes of spices that spread in the bouquet of this wine - from raspberries to subtle spicy accents. The taste of Duas Uvas Tinto is expressive and balanced, offering a combination of juicy fruit with elegant tannins.

Let this wine accompany you in special moments, romantic evenings or meetings with loved ones. Duas Uvas Tinto 13.5% is an offer for lovers of red wines with character and deep taste. Discover the unique harmony of Duas Uvas taste and enjoy every glass.