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Captain Morgan White Rum 37,5% 100cl

Captain Morgan White Rum 37,5% 100cl

Captain Morgan White Rum 37,5% 100cl

Price per liter: 1,74€
Country: Jamaica
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Captain Morgan White Rum is a pale white rum produced by the Captain Morgan brand, which is known for its variety of rums and other spirits. Here is a brief characterization of this product:

Alcohol Content: Captain Morgan White Rum has a standard ABV of 37.5% which is common in many white rums.

Production process: White rum is typically made from sugar distillate or molasses and then filtered to remove the color and distinctive flavor notes that come from a longer aging process in oak barrels.

Aromas and Flavors: Captain Morgan White Rum is typically known for its mild and subtle aromas and flavors. You can expect notes of vanilla, tropical fruit and light spices.

Usage: White rum is often used as an ingredient in cocktails and drinks because its neutral flavor does not dominate blends and allows other ingredients to shine.

Captain Morgan Brand: The Captain Morgan brand is widely known for its variety of rums and the distinctive mark of Captain Henry Morgan's profile.

Label and packaging: A bottle of Captain Morgan White Rum usually has a distinctive label that refers to the brand's marine and adventure style.

In conclusion, Captain Morgan White Rum 37.5% is a light, neutral rum that is often used in cocktails and drinks, adding a subtle flavor while retaining the characteristic rum notes.