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Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42,5% 70cl

Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42,5% 70cl

Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42,5% 70cl

Price per liter: 71,62€
Country: Estonia
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50,13 €
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"Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42.5% 70cl - Discover the Mastery of Smoke and Flavor"

Are you ready for a unique journey into the world of gin, where smoky aromas combine with the highest quality and tradition of distillation? Get to know Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42.5% - a gin that introduces a new quality to your glass and provides an unforgettable taste experience.

Smoke Authority:

Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42.5% 70cl is a true masterpiece of distillation in which smoky aromas become the main characters.

The aromatic smoke is subtle but decisive, creating a flavor symphony.


These junipers are carefully selected, giving the gin a deep, spicy character.

Smoky notes go perfectly with traditional gin ingredients.

Herbs and spices give gin an extraordinary complexity of flavor.

Innovative Cocktails:

Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42.5% 70cl is not only gin, it is an inspiration to create new, taste experiments.

Perfect both for drinking neat and as a base for innovative and unique cocktails.

Tasting Opportunities:

This gin is an unforgettable taste experience worth sharing with friends on special occasions.

Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42.5% 70cl is a gin for those who appreciate uniqueness and quality.

Join the Search for the Highest Quality and Try Flavorwood Smoky Gin 42.5% 70cl!